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The Reflux Masterclass

Do you suffer from reflux? Learn how to get rid of it permanently, without medication using a holistic approach with Naturopath Shae Cantrell.

Here's what we'll cover in the Masterclass:

  • The true underlying cause of reflux (it's not too much acid)

  • What testing will help you find the cause

  • Nutritional deficiencies that are common in reflux

  • What foods, herbs & supplements make it worse (there is one common food that surprises everyone!)

  • Why the common reflux medications make it worse

  • How to fix your stomach acid

  • What foods helps heal reflux

  • The common plant that's probably in your garden that can help fix reflux

  • Herbal medicines & supplements that help heal the underlying cause, soothe the symptoms and heal damaged tissue

  • And so much more!


Happy healing,

Love Shae xx

What People Are Saying:

Shae.. where do I begin. Your reflux masterclass was AMAZING. I learnt more about my stomach, liver and reflux in your class then I have on my healing journey in the last 12 months! You articulated everything so incredibly well and have such a wealth of knowledge. Every slide and bit of information you shared made me go “wow, that makes sense”. So many tips that are SO simple for me to implement now to help my symptoms I would have otherwise not known. Honestly it was one of the best bits of money I have invested into for my health. After struggling with reflux for so many months now I can’t wait to heal it with these tools and knowledge. Thank you so so much!

Ange Symons