$111.00 AUD


A 7 day workshop to... recover from busyness & burnout, create stress resiliency, refill your tank & rebuild your energy.

Starting Monday 5th December!

What we'll cover:

  • Where are you out of balance & how did you get here. Deep reflection to make real changes.
  • Anxiety, trauma & chronic stress - how they are all linked, and unpacking what drives those for you.
  • Restorative sleep - common sleep issues & how to improve it so you can restore your adrenals.
  • Balancing the feminine & masculine energies - and how they impact stress & sex hormones.
  • Rewiring the nervous system - how to switch the nervous system into its healing & resting state.
  • Creating stress resiliency - learning how to go through life being ✨unshakable✨.
  • Restoring the body - herbal medicine, foods and nutrients that support energy & the adrenals.

7 video modules released daily, FB group for support & FB live Q&A.

Can't wait to see you inside!

It's going to be BIG vibes xx