Ready to finally fix your gut? 

I help women frustrated with bloating and pain overcome chronic gut issues so they can start living again.


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Curious how women are finding freedom from bloating, constipation, weight gain & anxiety to live a life of deep happiness & freedom? I'll show you.

Hi, I’m Shae - AKA The Gut Naturopath! 

I help you uncover the underlying causes of your gut issues, and help you heal at a deep level (so you can not only be healthy, but happy too).

I know what it's like to be sick, in pain, frustrated and just wanting answers from my 10+ year health journey through celiac, hypothyroidism & SIBO (which is what got me down the path of becoming a Naturopath - and what makes me so passionate + unique in how I work).

When I started my clinic, I knew that I wanted to do things differently. I work with my clients deeply in 1:1 programs, to not only help my clients fix their gut issues, lose weight and get their energy back - but to heal on all levels so they can live a life of freedom, joy and deep happiness too.

Healing on all levels.

Love Shae xx


How can Naturopathy help you?

Naturopathy combines traditional holistic medicine and herbalism with evidence-based medicine to create an individualised approach that treats the root cause of illness and supporting the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

In my signature Happy Gut 1:1 program, we work closely together for 3+ months to uncover the underlying causes of your symptoms. I create an individualised treatment plan that utilises diet (food as medicine), lifestyle, herbal medicine, supplements and deep healing work around the mental/emotional/metaphysical factors for a true holistic approach.

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Kylie F.

"My digestion had gotten to the place where it didn't matter what I ate, I would get a reaction. Shae was able to hear my story and my reactions and give me exactly what I needed for my issues. 

In less than 3 months, my gut and stomach was beginning to have changes for the better! I remember accidentally eating mushrooms and realising I didn't have a reaction. 

Thank you Shae for taking the time with me and your care for me as your client. If you're looking for someone who will listen and help with your issues - this is your girl!"

Hayley F.

"While working on my health over the last 8 years I have gone down many paths and learnt so much from many practitioners, but have never got results like I have working through Shae's Happy Gut Program. 

I loved that from the first time we spoke in the introductory call it was more than I expected. I walked away with so much information before I even started. 

I couldn't believe that my first treatment plan also come with a implementation call, Shae made sure I understood everything.

I loved the accountability of bi-weekly calls and having access to send a message in between. This removed a huge layer of anxiety. 

The 3 monthly check ins have been so  beneficial to take time and reflect on how far I had come. 

I can't thank Shae enough, she has helped me changed my life - physically, mentally and emotionally, spiritually."

Hey there!


Read my story  ➝

I’ve always believed that anything can be healed.

In 2011, at just 21 years old, my health hit a crisis point and I was diagnosed with celiac disease. This diagnosis was only the beginning of my health journey, which took years to unravel. I tried every protocol, supplement healing modality available, only to find many worked only slightly, not at all, and some even made me worse. Later I was diagnosed with SIBO and Gilbert’s syndrome (a “mild” liver condition).

After searching endlessly for answers, and deciding that healing was my life purpose I studied to be a health coach and a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy. Now I help other women with chronic gut issues heal without having to go through the mess of mistakes I did.