1:1 Practitioner Mentoring Program

1:1 support to help you feel like you know enough to treat gut conditions confidently...

Is imposter syndrome stopping you from feeling confident enough to tackle complex gut cases?

I am here to help you gain the confidence in what to look for, test, how to treat and handle complex gut cases - without feeling like you're missing something or not doing it right.

Knowing what is causing the patients issues, what is the right testing to order, how to treat what you find and write a treatment plan the patient will actually do, means you can focus on doing what you love and feeling like you are truly helping people.

You have what it takes, and I will be by your side the whole way helping you.

As a Naturopath (BHSc) with 13+ years lived experience and clinical experience with chronic and complex gut issues, I have seen it all and can help you. 💕✨🌈


6 Week 1:1 Practitioner Mentoring Program


Ready to gain the confidence to treat all gut issues, to market yourself as a leader, choose the ideal niche, create a program/package to serve your clients and get your business set up properly?

What's included?

6 week 1:1 mentoring support with 6 one hour zoom calls over 6 weeks with Happy Healing owner, Shae Cantrell. These sessions are yours to discuss whatever you need support with, which could cover anything from clinical cases to business strategy and development.

What’s included:

  • Weekly one hour zoom calls with Shae
  • Access to intake forms
  • Access to treatment plans (identification removed)
  • Access to Happy Gut diet and treatment protocols
  • Access to Happy Gut handouts
  • Access to Happy Gut intake questionnaires
  • Which supplements and dosages to choose
  • Example gut testing results

Mentoring on:

  • How to take a gut case
  • Differential diagnoses of gut issues (how to not miss red flags)
  • Referring for testing
  • Which gut testing to use and how to interpret test results  
  • How to deal with complex cases
  • How to deal with patients not complying
  • How to decide on niche and marketing positioning
  • Confidence in marketing yourself and talking on videos, sharing on instagram
  • How to package up your services at a higher price point
  • How to find clients and how to build client funnels
  • Running masterclasses
  • Choosing pricing
  • Client onboarding, software and management processes
  • How to provide the best client experience possible
  • Creating an in depth treatment plan


  • Pay in full: $1500 AUD or
  • Payment plan: $250 weekly for 6 weeks

How does it work?

  • Secure your spot by clicking the button below to purchase this package.
  • Shae takes on two mentoring clients at a time, if there is a spot available the link below will allow you to book.
  • You can pay in full or by payment plan, and book in all sessions when purchasing the package.
  • If using the payment plan option, a weekly payment of $250 is paid every 7 days from commencement for 6 consecutive weeks.

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About Shae

  • Shae built a full-time successful online Naturopathic clinic within one year of graduating. 
  • She has successfully treated hundreds of patients with complex and chronic gut issues, including IBS, IBD, SIBO, gastritis, reflux and more.
  • Shae has a background in coaching, graphic design/marketing and owning/running businesses.
  • Shae has run multiple Masterclasses, courses and programs with patients.

Need help with a specific case?

Book a single 45-minute session for help on one specific case(s). We can discuss causes, links, testing, treatment, and management of a single case or condition.


What previous patients are saying...

Paige T.

“My health and mindset have changed more than I thought possible. Through your focus on the mental and emotional side of healing and working on a holistic approach rather than one specific angle has been really amazing. By setting realistic goals each week, I have slowly integrated them into my everyday routine, seeing small but amazing changes. A huge thank you for inspiring and motivating me further towards my true self, I am forever grateful. ”

Amanda B.

“My favorite thing about working with Shae is that it is totally personalized. Thanks to this guidance I am eating a diet that no longer causes flare-ups in my skin. We also dived deeper into emotional issues and painful memories and Shae was very supportive through every session. This program has given me something years of doctor’s visits, books and Internet research never accomplished. I finally have a good idea of how to treat MY specific symptoms. What a relief! I always felt better after talking with Shae. Important. Understood. Like I was actively progressing toward a healthier, happier me.”

Luke F.

“I came to Shae with a long list of issue's - energy levels, iron problems, fatty liver and pancreas, brain fog which caused huge memory issues, huge anxiety where I was so nervous I couldn't put a sentence together some days, IBS, inflammatory issues and the list goes on.

I loved working with Shae as she genuinely was interested in my wellbeing and excited with my progress. Things that I didn't really notice had improved until she mentioned them. She's friendly, caring and there to help when you have questions.

Since I started with Shae my health has improved dramatically. My energy levels are way up, brain fog has gone. Blood results have come back to normal. With all this positive improvement my mental health improved greatly and I’ve come back to my normal happy self.

I'd recommend shae to anyone who is looking at improve there health issues and help find what's causing all the problems.

Thanks again shae for all your help 🙏”

Hayley F.

"While working on my health over the last 8 years I have gone down many paths and learnt so much from many practitioners, but have never got results like I have working through Shae's Happy Gut Program.I loved that from the first time we spoke in the introductory call it was more than I expected. I walked away with so much information before I even started.I couldn't believe that my first treatment plan also come with a implementation call, Shae made sure I understood everything.

I loved the accountability of bi-weekly calls and having access to send a message in between. This removed a huge layer of anxiety.I can't thank Shae enough, she has helped me change my life - physically, mentally and emotionally, spiritually."

Hi, I'm Shae!

In 2011, at just 21 years old, my health hit a crisis point and I was diagnosed with celiac disease. This diagnosis was only the beginning of my health journey, which took years to unravel. I tried every protocol, supplement healing modality available, only to find many worked only slightly, not at all, and some even made me worse. Later I was diagnosed with SIBO and Gilbert’s syndrome (a “mild” liver condition).

After searching endlessly for answers, and deciding that healing was my life purpose I studied to be a health coach and a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy.

Now I help other women with chronic gut issues heal, without having to go through long journey and the mess of mistakes I did.

Read more about me here...

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