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There is no set time for when future spaces for working with me will open up, as it depends when patients are ready to leave the program and often they choose to stay with me for 6-12 months as they are getting results and want to keep going on the healing journey with me until full resolution (and I tend to work with more complex cases!).

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The Reflux Masterclass

Do you suffer from reflux? Learn how to get rid of it permanently, without medication using a holistic approach.

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A 7 day workshop to recover from busyness & burnout, create stress resiliency, refill your tank & rebuild your energy.

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The Resistant Weight Loss Masterclass

How to lose that stubborn weight by healing the reason the body is holding onto it.

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I’m Shae

I help you uncover the underlying causes of your gut issues, and help you heal at a deep level (so you can not only be healthy, but happy too).

I know what it's like to be sick, in pain, frustrated and just wanting answers from my 10+ year health journey through celiac, hypothyroidism & SIBO (which is what got me down the path of becoming a Naturopath - and what makes me so passionate + unique in how I work).

When I started my clinic, I knew that I wanted to do things differently. I work with my clients deeply in 1:1 programs, to not only help my clients fix their gut issues, lose weight and get their energy back - but to heal on all levels so they can live a life of freedom, joy and deep happiness too.

Healing on all levels.

Love Shae x

"Shae.. where do I begin. Your reflux masterclass was AMAZING. I learnt more about my stomach, liver and reflux in your class then I have on my healing journey in the last 12 months! You articulated everything so incredibly well and have such a wealth of knowledge. Every slide and bit of information you shared made me go “wow, that makes sense”. So many tips that are SO simple for me to implement now to help my symptoms I would have otherwise not known. Honestly it was one of the best bits of money I have invested into for my health. After struggling with reflux for so many months now I can’t wait to heal it with these tools and knowledge. Thank you so so much!"

Ange Symons